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Against the Wall - Alang -Madan

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10 Dec 2016
1 Night 2 Days
INR 4,400
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Deadly Loop - Ahupe to Bhimashankar via Bail Ghat

A traverse that will blow your breath away. Through the heart of a pristine forest reserve, Ahupe to Bhimashankar and a descent through Bail Ghat will surely turn your soul. A climb up Ahupe Ghat is delight for all those to seek pure vertical challenge; up up and away! Once atop Ahupe Ghat walk along the edge of Western Ghats to reach Kondhval. We spend the night here before proceeding to Bhimashankar (a popular place of pilgrimage, precisely why we stop at the village before!).

From Bhimashankar, we take a rare route to descend through the thick forests. This route is called Bail (Bullock) Ghat, as during the Cattle Festival at Mhasa (near Murbad) in January, many villagers above the ghat, take this route with their live stock down. The route is dense with lots of trees. It traverses the west face of the Bhimashankar edge, before descending to the flat plains of the Konkan belt.

Brace for long walks, thick forests, steep ascents and descents.

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26 Nov 2016
INR 4,150
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Dry Canyoning - Iara Canyon

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17 Dec 2016
1 Night 2 Days
INR 6,250
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Hold your breath - Kuthedhara Ghat

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24 Dec 2016
INR 4,400
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Mighty Traverse - Prabalgad

Prabalgad ('Prabal' meaning 'strong') was one of the difficult forts of Chhatrapati  Shivaji Maharaj. Prabalgad is a huge mountain with a vast forested plateau atop. It lies between Matheran and Panvel at an elevation of 2300feet (702meters), not more than 60Kms away from the city of Mumbai, in the Western Ghats.

Prabalgad stands prominently from Panvel, the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway (NH4). It can also be viewed from Matheran and all the nearby forts. It shares an interesting divide with neighboring Kalavantin Durg.

The fort was called “Muranjan" and "Pradhangad",. Prabalgad was known to have been built during the Bahamani era and later changed hands between the Marathas and the Mughals. Shivaji, is known to have spent a few days of his life, as a child, on the fort when his father Shahaji moved here during a conquest with the Nizam and Mughals. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj changed its name from “Muranjan" to "Prabalgad" during the Marathas Empire days.

During the British rule, Prabalgad was to be developed as a hill station, but due to shortage of water, the British decided to develop Matheran instead.

The flat top area of the fort is covered by dense forest making the traverse very challenging and exciting. There is a Ganesh Temple on the top with some old buildings, stone ruins & a few water tanks. Many  ramparts of the fort are still intact.

Be ready to explore the hidden treasures of the fort. The trek below Prabalmachi, climbs the fort from the traditional North Route, traverses the forests of the fort, explores the South end with the water tanks and ramparts and finally descends through the Poinj Route. 

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04 Dec 2016
INR 2,000
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Mulher - Salota - Salher

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30 Dec 2016
2 Nights 3 Days
INR 6,550
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Rock Climbing at Manori

The setting is idyllic. Black rock cliffs braced by the surf, a bird of prey hovering over the coast, colourful fishing trawlers casting their nets, crabs making occasional appearances on the moist stones. Manori, known for its beach and weekend resorts is not very far from the bustling crowds of Mumbai, yet there is no noise except that of the sea, breeze and your very own heart-beat.


There may not be a better place to begin your tryst with rock climbing, a sport that offers challenges, tests your endurance and perseverance, bring you to the edge of your phobias and addresses the inner urge to succeed.


As we walk to the cliffs, our anxiety rises and very quickly we reach over the edge not expecting to see some 30-50ft drops. Setting up gear takes a few moments and then we begin with the instructions. This is followed by the demonstration, few tips and tricks. One may find it very easy to watch someone climb, but once you are into the harness and move towards the rock, your heart begins to pound, fingertips sweating. Touch the rock and your confidence is shaken. This is the moment of truth.


With continuous instructions from the guide and amidst shouts of encouragement from fellow climbers, you slowly make your way up. You may smoothly go past various crux and reach the top, but chances are your nerves will be tested all along. Fingers turn soar, muscle ache and you reflect on your physical self. However more of mental strength is required to sideline your fitness to keep at it. You hold on to the rock with your dear life but when it is time to give up, you let out a loud scream. For a moment you may see your life go past you in a whiz, but the rope holds and you heave a sigh of relief. They say that real climbing begins to be fun only after you take your first fall. Trust in the system and a little bit of resilience is what is required to finish the day on the top. There is no other pleasure than reaching the top.


Your day out is made safe with some of the best equipment employed and a lovely environ for you to excel in. Rock climbing cannot be learnt in a day, but if you like your experience you will want to be back, and challenge yourself to better challenges.


Odati Adventures can also organize Rock Climbing at other sites near Mumbai like the Pinnacles of Tel Baila, Cliffs of MalshejGhat etc.


Strong safety anchors, appropriate safety gear, safety supports and learning the right technique makes this activity very safe and exciting. Odati Adventures deploys the best equipment available for all technical activities and ensure that we meet high standards of safety.


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22 Jan 2017, 19 Feb 2017, 05 Mar 2017, and more
INR 1,600
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Snows of Kanchenjunga - Dzongri and Goecha La

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15 Nov 2016
INR 48,900
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Spicy Street Pedallers

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20 Nov 2016, 17 Dec 2016, 18 Mar 2017
INR 2,800
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VeloCity – Reclaiming Mumbai

To the Mumbaites, it’s known as Town. Others have drawn parallel and loosely termed it ‘Manhattan of Mumbai’. It’s also the most historic part of the city. But how many of you really looked up to admire the sculpture of Flora Fountain while dashing past it on your way to the station or know that the Fountain is considered the ‘Milestone 0km’ for Mumbai?

Thousands of people pass through the gates of Victoria Terminus everyday including perhaps you. But did you know that this Gothic revival style architecture took 10 years to build and resembles St Pancras station in London? Or that the St Thomas Church at the beautiful Horniman’s Circle was the first church to be built in the city?

You have always experienced the chaos, traffic, sea of people, road side vendors, street food and the regular hustle-bustle of everyday office life here. But on Sunday mornings when the offices are closed, the whole area turns magical. The slanting morning sun lightens up parts of these ancient buildings and then you can see the exquisitely carved sculpture of progress on the dome of the VT or the tiger at its entrance, which you had never noticed before. There’s silence everywhere, not a soul present in the lanes and by-lanes of “Town” and you can hear the quiet rustling of the trees around. A hearty breakfast at a corner Irani joint and you will know that time never really had moved forward here.

Our city cycling trips around Town will let you experience this and much more. You will know facts and history of your favourite city which will make you see the city in a new light. Add to that the morning breeze from the sea and a long quiet ride on empty roads….and you will come back totally re-charged for yet another week of hectic office life.

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11 Dec 2016
5 Hours
INR 2,150
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